Festas de Lisboa 2016

June 2016

Lisbon is, at the start of Festas de Lisboa'16, the capital of an upside down world. By breaking ties with everyday life, the city has emerged powerfully from itself, drifted into the horizon, resumed the voice which for long was unheard; an audible, fearless, collective voice! This start of celebrations will also be the start of life in the heart of the city, where we can manifest the right to be who we are: border, boundary, transition and world. At this start of celebration we wish to declare that value goes far beyond that which they want us to believe and that idealism, utopia and justice are as fragile as eternal. On this first night of June, thirteen years after the start of new millennium, in a Europe that, despite the event, is still far from full citizenship, what we want is for Lisbon to be the capital of the south and of the bank; because ... we are in the south and from the bank we will set off.

NOS Alive '16

July 07, 08 and 09 2016

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Super Bock Super Rock 2016

July 14, 15 and 16 2016

SBSR was born 20 years ago, in 1995, as the first national summer festival. It started in Lisbon and spread its [Super] Message throughout Portugal and the rest of the world, accumulating two decades of history in its luggage.
After twenty years, the festival returns to its origins. To the city of light, electricity, voices and guitars amplified by the great Music Capital.
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EDP Cool Jazz Fest 2016

July 2016

EDPCOOLJAZZ is a prestigious musical event that take place in idyllic scenarios during the month of July, bringing music, nature and heritage together. Find more about EDP COOL JAZZ at

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2016

May 19, 20, 27, 28 and 29

Rock in Rio est maintenant le festival brésilien le plus important du monde et l’un des festivals les plus significatifs de la planète. En plus de 30 ans, avec 16 éditions, plus de 8 millions de personnes rassemblées et une présence des médias numériques des plus importantes, Rock in Rio est devenu le propriétaire d'une histoire de premier plan dans la scène musicale. Né à Rio de Janeiro, il n’a pas seulement conquis le Brésil, mais aussi le Portugal, l'Espagne et les Etats-Unis, toujours avec l'intention d'amener tous les styles de musique à une diversité publics. En savoir plus sur Rock in Rio Lisboa sur

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